Friday, December 18, 2015

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Outline HERE

Ch. 8 Reading Guide:    Human Population
I.                 Skim chapter 8 – Human Population
·        Describe the “Central Case:  China’s one-child policy
·        Describe the “rule of 70” 
·        Describe the pieces in the “IPAT model”
·        How do births, deaths, immigration and emigration affect population distribution?
·        Describe a demographic transition and how it relates to industrialization
·        Describe reasons for population decline in Bangladesh
·        Do you think that the Earth has a carrying capacity?  Explain why or why not.
II.               Key vocabulary
Exponential growth
Population density
Population distribution
Sex ratio
Total fertility rate
Replacement fertility
Natural rate of population change
Life expectancy
Pre-industrial stage
Transition stage
Industrial stage
Post-industrial stage
Women’s empowerment
Wealth gap

Application questions (pp. 241-243).  Answer in complete sentences
Testing your comprehension – 1,2,3,6, 9
Seeking solutions #1,2,5,6
 Interpreting Graphs #1-3

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Biogeochemical cycles Assignemnt

Everyone reads TheOgallala Aquifer: Saving a Vital US Water Source     Due Monday (12/14)
Then pick one of the following and read:
  1. Poisoned Well
  2. Water wars

Pick Two of the following and read:
  1. Can Carbon Capture Save Coal
  2. Life of P
  3. Unconventional Crude

Now you will Pick a main idea from one of the readings and write it at the top of your first page.  Next you will write 4 paragraphs on your main idea.  Each paragraph MUST include information from each reading.  You also must include a drawing of two of the geochemical cycles as part of your paper (you may NOT cut and paste from the internet).

When you are finished assign each reading a color. Next go back to your writing and underline the information in each paragraph that comes from each reading in the appropriate color.  You may use other information, ideas, and personal opinion also.  Your paper must be 1000 words minimum.  Typed is best but not mandatory.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Enriching the Sea to Death

Enriching the Sea
Main Points
·        Bullet points
·        Paragraph
Your Reaction
·        How does this make you feel.
·        Do you always want to live in Bellingham?  What would make you leave?
Who are the stakeholders?
·        Try to think
How is each stakeholder affected?
·        List the stakeholder and the positive or negative affect
So what?

·        What happens if we continue on at the status quo?  Try to think about the big picture.